Crocels may be able to help get your message out to a world of readers through our press release distribution service. Using our Crocels News service we provide original news coverage of stories breaking and developing in the area of information technology, including press releases, and in particular news on the following topics:

  • Financial, including financial stock market data and research, discounted services, loyalty programmes.
  • Legal, including congressional news, legislative tracking, cybercrime, communications and Internet trolling offences.
  • Equality and Human Rights, including advocacy services, censorship, free speech.
  • Internet technologies, including online gaming, Internet trolling management, website launches.
  • Information, education and media, including media studies, library studies, e-learning

Advantages of using The Crocels Press

Crocels offer a number of advantages over our nearest competitors, including our legal case-winning search engine optimisation that has most of our articles at the top of Google for our popular Crocels News service. Crocels News is indexed by the following dedicated news and information services, accessible by those who matter.

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Please get in touch with Jonathan Bishop, the Editor-in-Chief of Crocels News by email at, on by telephone +44(0)1792 345105 if you would like to discuss how we can help get your story out there.

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