If you’re a small charity or business today you know two things – you need to get your overheads down and you need to be on the Internet where your customers can find you. You find yourself in a dilemma about whether you should ‘buy local’ or whether you should get the ‘best price’. Hopefully this article will help you if you live in the West Wales and the Valleys region of Wales.

If you live in Pontypridd, you may be tempted to go to Web Design Wales, which is a private for-profit unincorporated company that offers to put together a website for £800. You may think that is better value than the £2000 ones you can get from top web design companies in Cardiff, but unlike the big and reliable Cardiff based firms like Imaginet, a website from Web Design Wales can have around 20 errors per page that means you might not meet regulations on disability access. So local may not always be best. Rather than be faced with a choice between a local business who might not have the experience and skills of the more expensive and better quality firms, you can make better decisions by shopping around.

You could for example buy your domain from other providers, which can often mean you can host your website with whoever you want. Vistaprint – also gives you a FREE 1 month trial of a website and hosting and then charges you £2.99 a month thereafter. Sometimes it is better for your wallet not to go local, meaning you can do more for your area with your core business that you could paying through the nose or getting poor quality websites that you don’t want or need.