Crocels provides support workers through a number of government schemes, including Access2Work and the Disabled Students Allowance initiative.

Each support worker’s activities are tailored to the individual needs to the student, worker, or other person with a specific learning or workplace need. Support session times can fit around the student or worker’s disabilities, including at night. Examples of activities we can provide support workers for include:

  • Scan chapters of text or journals articles as directed by the supported person to an agreed format.
  • Assist the supported person in defining and delivering their course or workplace commitments and requirements.
  • Assist the supported person in the development of “soft” skills required to produce appropriate outputs.
  • Assist with the noting and addressing feedback points from tutors or managers of the supported person.
  • Discuss the interpretation of abstract language in assignment or workplace briefs with the supported person.

For further information on how Crocels might help your worker or student who has a disability or other specific learning need then please contact us. Our price list can be found at this link.